Employment Benefits

Personal Time: Full-time employees will accrue ten (10) hours of personal time per month for the first two years. Use of this time must be arranged in advance with your immediate supervisor. Personal time may also be used when sick.

Holidays: Hoffmann Center currently provides ten (10) paid holidays for employees.

Health Insurance: Hoffmann Center currently provides full-time employees with a major medical health insurance plan that is fully paid by the employer. Employees may purchase dependent coverage.

Dental Insurance: Hoffmann Center provides employees with a fully paid dental policy. Employees may purchase dependent coverage.

Life Insurance: Hoffmann Center pays the cost of employee and dependent term life insurance policy of $10,000.

Disability Insurance: Disability insurance is available through AFLAC at the employees cost.

Retirement Plan: Hoffmann Center offers a matching tax deferred 403B Retirement Plan. The employee can begin contributing immediatly and after one (1) full year of  qualifying employment, Hoffmann Center matches employee contributions up to 5 1/2 % of their earnings.

Flexible Spending Account: Hoffmann Center offers a tax free flexible spending account to cover insurance premiums, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and day care costs.

NOTE: The above information is not a complete explanation of Hoffmann Center benefits. Further information is available from the personnel policies and/or the Business Office. Ultimate responsibility for any questions or interpretations regarding benefits belongs only to the Executive Director. See Business Office for further information regarding eligibility and effective dates for coverage.


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