Family Services


At the Hoffmann Center, we understand how difficult it must be to turn your son over to complete strangers. As part of the residential treatment at Hoffmann Center, we want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Our hope is to work with everyone as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team to return your son back home or to a less restrictive environment as soon as possible. Please understand that you are part of this multidisciplinary treatment approach and we believe that you know your son better than anyone. Your assistance in helping your son starts at the beginning of treatment. Research shows that family involvement is critical and increases the probability of your son completing treatment successfully. Our goal is working with you around specific guidelines to increase your involvement and preparing your son for reunification. As part of this commitment to families we provide:

  • Videoconferencing for parents or family members who have been approved.

  • Qualified families can arrange travel financial assistance.

  • Meal assistance on campus for qualified families with advance arrangements.

  • Family group

  • Individual family sessions

  • Reunification when possible


Our partnerships are designed to support positive family involvement during residential treatment. Being part of the multidisciplinary treatment team provides that opportunity to openly discuss your son’s behavior and your concerns about his return home. Our goal is to help parents become involved in their son’s day-to-day care and treatment. We provide opportunities for you to listen to your son’s concerns and help develop that open communication for the family and the treatment program. Hoffmann Center understands that the family may need a time of adjustment or to accept that their son needs treatment. We provide a Family Therapist to assist in this process that will help the family understand how treatment works by creating positive experiences for both the family and their son. This is accomplished through parent groups, individual therapy, treatment plan development and progress reviews to hear about treatment progress.


Hoffmann Center is committed to help families become part of the process whenever possible and provide understanding of what your son is going through in addition to providing that guidance to families during this difficult journey to a new beginning.

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