Oshawa Learning Academy



The mission of the Oshawa Learning Academy is to facilitate the progress of children with identified mental health needs toward healthy, positive, and responsible functioning in a school setting.

We strive to provide the opportunities for children in an atmosphere that is inviting and inclusive regardless of disability, behavior, or cultural differences and that is responsive to each child's strengths and needs. Our goal is to have all students experience success by providing opportunities for students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We are fortunate to have a committed staff of professionals who offer a comprehensive elementary, middle and high school curriculum in areas such as reading, writing, social studies, science, and physical fitness/wellness.


  1. To establish a child-centered program in cooperation with the Leo A. Hoffmann Center that operates under conditions of mutual accountability, trust, and professional respect.
  2. To assist each child in becoming more confident in his ability to learn and become more positive in his attitude toward school.
  3. To provide each student the opportunity to improve academic skills necessary to be successful in school.
  4. To participate in a system of communication between the Oshawa Learning Academy and the Leo A. Hoffmann Center that maximizes the opportunities for working together to benefit students.

Program Description

Educational programming is individualized to the students educational and mental health needs but based on the curriculum and standards used at the other Saint Peter Public Schools buildings that serve students in the same grades. Core subjects of math, science, social studies, and English language arts are delivered each day. Students in grades 9-12 earn credit towards graduation for their classroom achievements. Students receive educational and career planning services through counseling services appropriate for their grade level. Students participate in benchmark and state assessments (MCA’s) that other students in Saint Peter Schools participate in.

All teachers are licensed and every effort is made to hire highly qualified licensed teachers in the content area they are assigned to. District 508 employs four full-time and special education teachers who serve as case managers and instructors. Additionally, there are four part-time content area teachers that travel to Oshawa Learning Academy to enhance instruction in core academic subjects. Four teaching assistants are employed to help teachers provide the individualized instruction and behavior management that some students need. 


The Oshawa Learning Academy works in close collaboration with the Minnesota Valley Education District (MVED) to ensure access to all services outlined in student IEPs, including but not limited to a speech/language clinician, an adaptive physical education teacher, and a licensed school psychologist.  All available records are evaluated when students enroll and special education team meetings are held when students are enrolled to review accommodations and services to ensure they are receiving a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

The school calendar will mirror the calendar used by the Saint Peter School District and includes approximately 175 instructional days during the school year. Additionally, the Oshawa Learning Center calendar will be expanded to include 18 days of ESY and summer school to meet the needs of students with IEPs and those receiving treatment in a PRTF facility.

The continuum of services, designed to be responsive to the behavioral and emotional needs of the student, is as follows:

  • Homebound Instruction
    • Students are unable to participate in school due to behavior or are unwilling to attend school. A certified teacher provides an hour per day of instruction on the unit.
  • Partial day at Oshawa Learning Academy
    • Student attends a partial day at  Oshawa Learning Academy , but does not attend classes at Saint Peter High School. Student may attend physical education class.
  • Full day at  Oshawa Learning Academy

Student attends classes all day at Oshawa Learning Academy, including physical education. Student does not attend classes at Saint Peter High School.




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