Leo A. Hoffmann Center is a private non-profit corporation committed to assessing and providing high quality, holistic, outcome-based mental health services for children, adolescents, their families, and other members of their support network. These services emphasize respect for each client’s developmental needs and strengths and are designed to enhance personal growth, healthy relationships, family stability, and community re-integration. Professionally trained, dedicated staff is guided by the philosophy that clients are responsible for their behavior and well-being, and possess the capacity for positive change and a healthy lifestyle.

Hoffmann Center treatment and rehabilitation of adolescents in residential care such as Hoffmann Center occurs best when the clients are provided a safe and secure environment within which their behavior is controlled, and opportunities for socialization and community reintegration are afforded. Hoffmann Center believes that human behavior, attitudes, and values are learned, and that the treatment of adolescents is a controlled process of learning appropriate sexual and pro-social behavior. The learning process involves twenty-four hours per day living in a therapeutic community, increased sensitivity to others and self through interaction in group therapy, community group meetings, and unit meetings. Learning happens best when the clients are expected to carry out the major responsibilities. The role of the staff is to organize, guide, and teach. Learning and treatment continues as clients apply self-help values and concepts of “right” or “good living” through the community culture.

Treatment services at Hoffmann Center are based upon the formation of a comprehensive, strength-based, multi-modality, multi-disciplinary, and individualized, residential homelike setting for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed, sexually aggressive adolescents. The modalities employed, all within the therapeutic milieu, include group and individual therapy, family therapy and education, therapeutic recreation, psycho-educational classes, transition group, community group, psychiatric services, social skills training, transitional services, and etc.

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