Residential Assessments

Leo A. Hoffmann Center provides thorough assessment services when a complete diagnostic assessment has not been completed within the past six months, or is specifically requested as a service. This is done on a 14- to 30-day basis, dependent upon the amount of historical information and psychological assessment data available. The length of the assessment will be agreed upon in advance with Hoffmann Center’s Clinical Supervisor. Components of a complete psycho-sexual assessment may include:

  • Psychiatric interview and assessment, including medication review

  • Medical/health/nursing screening

  • Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offense Recidivism (ERASOR)

  • Psychological testing may include, but is not limited to:

    • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent (MMPI-A)

    • Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI)

    • Multiphasic Sex Inventory-Junior (MSI-JR)

    • PHASE Sexual Attitudes Questionnaire

    • Beck Depression Inventory II/Child Depression Inventory (CDI)

    • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, 2nd Edition

    • Inventory of Parent & Peer Attachment (IPPA)

    • Other testing, including intelligence testing and projectives on an individual basis

  • Recreation/leisure assessment

  • Review of education records

  • Participation in the therapeutic community

  • Identification of significant issues

A complete written copy of the assessment is provided at a meeting facilitated by Hoffmann Center staff with the client, family, and referring agency at the end of the assessment period.

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