The things I've learned and how to use empathy on a daily basis and the staff being so friendly and understanding. The fact that it's a chance to learn from what I did wrong and how I can accept responsibility for a lot more and how somebody was always willing to help and make me feel better when I was struggling and tried to answer my questions. For getting me to try in school because I wouldn't have finished if I didn't come here. I would have dropped out. It was a great learning experience. - Past Client


~ I think the best part of my treatment process is getting the help for my sexual inappropriate behaviors and the help with other things I still need to work on as well! – Past Client

~ The best part of being in the program is getting all of the support from everyone involved. – Past Client

~ Just getting the help that they gave me. – Past Client

~ The best part of the program is the structured recreation time we have. – Past Client

~ Discovering the real pain he caused feeling remorse, apologizing, and EMDR. Discovering who and what he wants to be. Thank you! – Parent

~ Leo Hoffmann went above and beyond with their willingness to get my client the treatment for chemical dependency. – Worker

~ What I learned at the Hoffmann Center is to be more open and honest about my feelings and getting it out. What I love about the Hoffmann Center is that the staff are here to help me succeed and the program offers me a chance to make my life better. – Past Client

~ Being able to see a great change in myself. – Past Client

~ I just want to thank you guys for helping me through my problems in 2009 and 2010. I was just a small boy then, but even though all these years have gone by, I still remember you, still thank you, and wish you and the program the best of luck. – Past Client

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